Monday, March 7, 2011

your kidding right?

Love. Such an overused word. when a guy tells you he "loves you" does he really? NEWS FLASH. nope. he doesn't. he basically just wants action from you, or a self confidence boost at the time. Boys never seem to fail at getting the girl, mainly because we are so vulnerable to them. And we shouldn't be. Cause we all know we are stronger than that. Girls know where to set boundaries and who they like, (well not the slutty type.) Every relationship seems to end the same; someone hurt and broken hearted in the end. Why do we do this to ourselves? Why not wait for the perfect guy AFTER highschool? Are we really that stupid? Well yep. And why would we just give ourselves up to some prick in highschool. "oh hey, i know i won't marry you but i want to give my everything to you right out on the plate and let you have the ability to tear me appart at any given moment but its okay cause i know im in love with you and you love me i think" NO. we all need to get a brick to the head and realize how stupid we sound. Boys DONT care in highschool. Hate to break it to you. they just don't. Dont we all wish we could speak the language of boys?

- You mean the world to me
(i wanna get with you so bad)

- You're the prettiest girl i have ever seen.
(please just make out with me)

- You're Flawless! I bet every guy wants you!
(im here so lets just get on with it)

- Your the most amazing person in the world
(c'mon lets just make out already!)

- I dont deserve a beautiful girl like you
(boost my self esteem for the moment)

REALLY? Are girls really THAT dumb to fall for all of that? True words are not always pretty, and pretty words are not always true. lets face it, life is better single anyways. Have fun, get out with your girl friends. Don't waste it with some loser that will probably dumb you weeks later. Not saying you cant hang out with guys, maybe kiss them and date around. but NO need for a serious relationship; Cause girls, thats like giving a guy your heart and saying, "do what you please, im all yours" C'mon, Were not young forever.