Sunday, November 27, 2011

The Future Freaks me out... Not.

I am not even CLOSE to an age where I should even start thinking about kids or marriage or anything! But after seeing these kids clothes, I wanted one. And I want to dress it. All I know, is whoever I marry better be rich, or decently paid. So my kids will look at stinking cute as these ones!

Friday, November 25, 2011

New Profession?

Alright, so as you all know... I am obsessed with doing nails. Recently I have bought the Acrylic nail kits and been doing them to myself and a few friends and decided that I honestly love doing them! And if anyone wants them done, I'll do them in a heart beat! (lets be honest, when ever I have time I will) And they are $10 for white tip and $15 for colored tip (: If anyone is interested please let me know! either comment below or facebook me.!/sydders24 and I will give you my cell and we will do them! I promise it's worth it. Would you rather have them done for $30 and get made fun of in another language? Or $10 to $15 by me? You make the choice (:

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

See You In Two!

Elder Mcklenden Fox,
I want to thank you for everything you have ever done. You have seriously been the big brother that i've never had but always wanted. We have gotten so close the past couple years and It still doesn't seem real that you're leaving. Just a few hours ago I said my final goodbyes and gave you a hand shake with tears in our eyes as we looked at eachother. You have no idea how bad I just wanted to hug you... I am in no doubt going to keep in touch with you. I love you so much foxy, you're going to be amazing. See you in two years brother, love you! <3

Wednesday, November 2, 2011


Yes, I was Snookie from Jersey Shore for halloween. And if I may say so myself... I feel that I pulled it off pretty well. She is literally hillarious and I knew I had to be her, but funny thing... Now that I was her for halloween, my new "name" or "nickname" is Snooki. Or Snooks. Yes, I will embrace it. Because why not? And Here are some things that Snooki says that make me absolutely laugh.

-"Every time I get excited I have to poop."

-"Life is tough enough. Might as well do the easy stuff to make yourself feel better."

-"Like I don’t speak Italian, how the crap am I supposed to know how to cook a pizza?"

-"I feel like I’m gonna cry… I’m not kidding… I’m not really gonna cry I just feel like crying."

-"I don’t think Mike can go a day without taking his shirt off. He looks like a frickin’ dirty old man outside with his shirt off.. at an ice cream shop."

-"I can’t see……… do you have any pickles??"

the last time.

"Earth has no sorrow that Heaven cannot heal."

October 29,1933 - November 1,2011

It is never easy to lose someone you love. Unfortunately it was time for my grandmother to pass on. The times we have spend with her as a family have been full of laughs, and smiles. She was such an amazing person and was always happy. I am happy that she is able to be reunited with her husband/my grandpa at last. The love of her life. Two days after her birthday was celebrated, she was able to walk into the hands of her Heavenly Father and say, "I'm back home..." and also to be with her husband again. The thought of her pain and sorrow gone is the greatest feeling. I'll miss her very much, but I know that she is happier now than she has ever been before.

I will be able to say goodbye to her for the last time tomorrow at her funeral. And instead of being sad about her leaving, I am going to be happy for her and remembering the happy memories with her. I will always have a little part of her left with my dad here with me. Her light will shine through him. And the day before she passed, I was able to share my talent of singing, and sang her a song. She wasn't very respondant but I could see a tear from her eye and that is all I could ever ask for.

I love you so much grandma, thank you for everything. I'll miss you like crazy.