Thursday, May 12, 2011

ten things.

ten. Favorite Places to be.

1. studio one (my second home)
2. hawaii
3. at my house
4. my bed
5. in the mountains
6. at a friends house
7. st george
8. sushi house
9. any LA dance magic convention
10. the temple

nine. Weird things about me

1. im obsessed with sushi
2. i have the grinch memorized
3. i change my fingernail polish color daily
4. i hate when people poke me
5. i can sleep in till 5 or later (if i even get a chance)
6. i love playing grand theft auto
7. i sing, but i hate singing for others
8. my room is either completely spotless, or you cant even walk in its so dirty.
9. i can immitate people almost exactly.

eight. Things I am going to do this summer

1. meet atleast 20 new people
2. kiss some men
3. tan, tan, tan.
4. go to peaks with the homies
5. drive around
6. hang out with long lost friends
7. dance, duh.
8. play with my bestfriend brittany everyday before she moves! :(

seven. Things I am thinking of.

1. diet coke, thinking about and drinking.
2. the boy im crushing on, duh!
3. how im gunna keep britt from moving...
4. how much it sucks for the people in school right now.
5. morp
6. my sweet 16! ahh only 12 more days.
7. about my bestfriend jakelle, havent seen her in 3 days! :(

six. Things I am wearing.

1. my grey knitted uggs
2. sequined tank top from urban
3. my dope necklace i wear 24/7
4. my chanel ring
5. 4 earrings
6. leggings

five. Things I am worried about

1. my sweet 16 party
2. getting crappy grades
3. my sisters. i love them, therefore. i worry.
4. not getting my license on time
5. end of the school year

four. Things on my floor

1. shoes
2. make-up
3. sweats from sleeping last night
4. my pillows

three. Things I want to do today

1. dance. kinda have no choice. i do it everyday.
2. see my sister
3. finish any homework

two. Things I will reveal

1. i have been driving for 3 months. yet im not 16 for another 12 days.
2. i put the weight in staceys bag... IM SORRY STACEY :)

one. A Secret

1. im still head over heels for him; yet i say im over him, ugh.

Monday, May 9, 2011

gone mad.

What ever happened to happiness? This year has been filled with so much, it's hard to comprehend. Girls, you're all completely incredible, don't let some guy determine your future. Because we deserve nothing but the best. We take life too seriously. Or not serious enough. I have heard of young kids getting into trouble.. smoking, drinking, swearing, etc. When I was younger, I didn't even know what any of that was. Let alone... just figuring out what everything was just a few years ago. Each generation things are changing drastically. And we are losing some amazing people around us because of it.

When you lose someone, someone you love. It's honestly the hardest thing you could ever go through. and no matter how much time has passed. it never really goes away. You may think things are starting to get better, then all of a sudden a flashback comes to you, or you hear a song that reminds you of that person, and it hits you all over again. You start to fall apart for the hundredth time, and you're tired of feeling this way. It's almost as if you'd feel bad if you moved on.. but in reality, that person you lost only wants you to move on and be happy. Without happiness, it's hard to find love ourselves, and with that; causes it hard to love others.

We need to start opening our eyes to the world and see what is really going on. We need to stop this chaos and let people know that we care and are here for them. I sure don't want to lose anybody else.. these past couple years have truley made me think and think hard. I don't want to lose anybody else, and i'm guessing same goes to you. Lets fix this torn world, and make good of whats gone mad.