Friday, November 25, 2011

New Profession?

Alright, so as you all know... I am obsessed with doing nails. Recently I have bought the Acrylic nail kits and been doing them to myself and a few friends and decided that I honestly love doing them! And if anyone wants them done, I'll do them in a heart beat! (lets be honest, when ever I have time I will) And they are $10 for white tip and $15 for colored tip (: If anyone is interested please let me know! either comment below or facebook me.!/sydders24 and I will give you my cell and we will do them! I promise it's worth it. Would you rather have them done for $30 and get made fun of in another language? Or $10 to $15 by me? You make the choice (:

1 comment:

Tiffanie Michele said...

Thank you! I love mine! You did a fabulous job!!!!