Wednesday, November 2, 2011


Yes, I was Snookie from Jersey Shore for halloween. And if I may say so myself... I feel that I pulled it off pretty well. She is literally hillarious and I knew I had to be her, but funny thing... Now that I was her for halloween, my new "name" or "nickname" is Snooki. Or Snooks. Yes, I will embrace it. Because why not? And Here are some things that Snooki says that make me absolutely laugh.

-"Every time I get excited I have to poop."

-"Life is tough enough. Might as well do the easy stuff to make yourself feel better."

-"Like I don’t speak Italian, how the crap am I supposed to know how to cook a pizza?"

-"I feel like I’m gonna cry… I’m not kidding… I’m not really gonna cry I just feel like crying."

-"I don’t think Mike can go a day without taking his shirt off. He looks like a frickin’ dirty old man outside with his shirt off.. at an ice cream shop."

-"I can’t see……… do you have any pickles??"

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shaunie said...

died reading this post, i love you syd!