Monday, January 7, 2013


Love is such an overused word. it gets thrown around so much that it doesn't seem to have meaning each time it's used. It's just a normal thing to say. Sometimes the feeling gets used to, and you don't feel like you have to try as hard as you used to in the beginning of the relationship. When if anything, you should never stop showing your other how much you love them. And sometimes when you cry so much, they just get used to seeing it. And it doesn't effect them as much as it did the first few times they saw you cry. We as girls cry because we are fighting against those feelings telling us to let go. but knowing that if we do let go, we will regret it. Because knowing how much potential your relationship has. But we are just trying to figure out what is going to happen if we keep holding on. But the pain and tears is almost so worth it, that you would do anything to keep that person in your life. You almost feel ashamed that someone could be that important. That without them, you feel like nothing. You can't stop showing that person that you love them, especially if they are worth all the stupid little fights. The things that are the most important are the little things that let them know that they are in your heart and in your mind. Also, you cannot over think things. You'll create situations that were never there. Or you will create bigger problems out of the small things. You have to fight through the bad days to earn the best days in your life. You gotta treat them how you'd like to be treated in return. Make them feel important, special and that you're the only thing that matters to them, and don't stop making them feel that way. Love with all you have. Choose your love, and love your choice.


Sienna Meek:) said...

i miss you so much, it's not even funny... i wish you would've told me that you needed help... you had so much left in life... my heart is broken. i love you:)

Daisy Torres said...

i miss you and think about you everyday.
love you.