Monday, January 16, 2012

It Starts Today

Today is going to be my first day to happiness. i'm changing for the better. And I cannot give up. Because excuses are for people who don't want it bad enough. I'm doing it for the past boyfriends, for that ONE dress, to actually see a change in my body and health, for all the times it put me in bad moods, for that confidance boost, for being able to love my reflection, for summer time in shorts and bikinis, for getting rid of my big boob reputation, for the stares, for those killer legs, for being able to sit and feel comfortable, for proving them all wrong, for acutally being comfortable with a guy picking me up, for all the boys i wasn't good enough for, for the gap between my legs, for rewarding myself with clothes, for being able to pull off wearing that certain shirt, for loving myself, for being able to try on clothes and not saying "i'm bloated", for being the healthy friend, for all the times i let it get the best of me, for the people who ever dared to call me fat, I am doing this for ME.


hallahmikaelaharmon. said...

i love you syd. you are gorgeous. dont ever loose sight of that one okay?

tori ware said...

hell ya baby girl. i love this! & honestly have always loved your cute little body! don't listen to anyone who tells you differently! youre beautiful. love you!!