Saturday, March 17, 2012

Lucky Me

Often we don't realize that what we have could one day be gone. And if we have something good, we got to do all we can to keep it. Don't take advantage of what you have. Especially if it's the best you have had. I have learned that. I get bugged over little things and I get jealous easily. But it's only because I care. I never used to be jealous, but then I started loving you. Now I’m jealous of just about every girl that you talk to, smile at, or even wave at. It’s all because in those seconds when you look into their eyes, I’m not on your mind. Or atleast that's what I think. I’ve ruined many relationships by over thinking too much. I think it may be all these guys’ faults... but really, it’s just me. I think I deserve the worst & I usually end up making it that way. Guys will run away from me because I’m just too hurt for them to handle.
But it makes me so happy knowing that he can put up with it. Though I know it is never easy for him. I'm happy to call him mine.

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robyn.fitts said...

Dear syd, you are absolutely gorgeous & you make my life better.